The Mission of Jesus House Baltimore is to bring people to the realization of the fulfillment of their God given dreams and potentials, and to teach people the Word of God with integrity. Jesus House Baltimore aims to build up responsible men and women that are confident in their God given rights, which in turn will enable them to impact and change society. Armed with the knowledge of their position in Christ, believers will contribute to the spiritual, relational, and economic growth of their community.


Responsible for the sales of audiotapes, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, of messages preached at JHB.

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The Communication Department strategically manages communication between the church and its various publics. Through our in-house managed dynamic web site, public service announcements and banners, the communication department promotes all of the church events, inside JHB and out.

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The hospitality and Immigrations department serves to be a resource and support to newcomers to the United States who have chosen Jesus House Baltimore as their home church,as well those members of the church who have lost their jobs or are facing other challenges.

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This department manages all IT needs and requirements for the church.

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This group of people record the weekly news and announcements for the church.

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The men and women of the maintenance department of Jesus House Baltimore are committed to the fulfillment of the mission of the house – “Challenging people…..maximizing potential”

We believe that cleanliness, safety and conduciveness of the church facility and its environs are a cogent part of the overall worship experience for both our current members and new guests to our church; hence we dedicate ourselves to making this happen.

We serve alongside the church custodians to ensure proper maintenance of both the inside and the grounds of the church. Sharing the responsibility of inspecting the church building and property to determine any need for repair or improvements.

As it is often said “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression”, our goal, as a department is to ensure that the first impression of every guest to our church is “this is a church of excellence, a place I would really love to be a part of”!

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This is a volunteer ministry of men providing service to the congregation in the area of parking. Rain, storm, sleet, or snow; these men will direct worshippers to and from parking areas as parking is scarce with a growing church in Jesus Name. They also provide whatever assistance is needed or requested during inclement weather.

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The Department of Membership Services (MESERV) is a resource for strong and selfless people who provide a nurturing and caring environment for the benefit of all members of Jesus House Baltimore while being committed to our immediate community.

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The Technical Department provides the church with technical support for all events that require sound reinforcement. These events include, but are not limited to rehearsals, all worship services, concerts, remote events that require setup and operation of sound systems. The Technical Department also handles the operation and maintenance of video and audio equipment.

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We believe in the power and efficacy of prayer . Our vision is to challenge people to build up their prayer life .

The scriptures make several references to Jesus rising up early to pray. It was during these times He downloaded information, and used it to map out and strategize for the ministry He had been called to. He did this on a regular basis. For him it was a lifestyle. The disciples had seen their local religious leaders, the scribes and Pharisees, pray. But never had they been challenged and attracted to inquire more about prayer until they saw Jesus pray. For there was something electrifying, motivating, attractive, inviting and unique about the way Jesus prayed that one of the disciples was compelled to ask Him, “Lord, teach us to pray….” Luke 11:1. Jesus did not begin with “Our Master who is in Heaven” nor did He begin with “Jehovah, hallowed be thy name”. He chose to begin with, “Our Father in Heaven”. See Matthew 6:9. In so doing Jesus was teaching us that Prayer must start from the premise of friendship and relationship.

We encourage you to join us in prayer every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7.00pm – 8.00pm.

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The goal of the protocol department is to seek and do God’s will, utilizing the word, worship, and training we receive. We serve, service, and protect the under-shepherd of the house and our Guest Ministers while building up the kingdom of God. To achieve these goals, we are to pursue the following objectives:

  • Be spiritually sensitive to the needs of the Pastor/ Guest Ministers
  • Encourage the development of every Leader in the department.
  • Team building activities to foster unity and bonding.
  • Encouraging accountability amongst team members.

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Pulse is a proactive group that is poised to leverage the combined learning that is underway at JHB, along with continuous opportunities, innovation, and resources, to ensure the church and its operations are healthy and value adding. Pulse is the heart beat of the church. Part of the duties of pulse is to identify gaps in resources and opportunities, generate and implement new ideas.

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The Publications team is the group within the Church that captures the moments through DreamWorks magazine. We keep the memories of the House in a way that leaves no doubt that the Almighty is at work in our midst. This group, thus manifests the Scripture, “Let your light so shine that others will see your works and give glory to your Father in Heaven” (Matthew 5:16). We want to tell, enlighten, encourage, and most certainly dazzle our readers!

The DreamWorks magazine features include but are not limited to: Family, Love, Ministry, Finance, The Law, Teen, Fashion, Events, Health, Goodies, Meditation, The Kitchen, and Interviews. These features allow the magazine to have an appeal to different demographics and people with varying interests; it also fosters a mindset that displays the involvement of God in daily human affairs.

We also support a relationship with and feature other Churches, and to offer our readers with a sense of being connected to a larger body. We have the task of reflecting a House that believes in excellence that operates in love that manifests evidence of victory through Christ, and is quite relevant to its world.

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The Temple Keepers create a welcoming, inspiring and appropriate environment to enhance and support worship in the church.

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A meeting place for believers to encourage and provoke one another to love and fine works. It is a place to transact business with online access where light refreshment can be purchased during meetings.

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The Transportation Department help to transport church members in need of transportation to church for services and special programs.

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Oversees accounting procedures for Jesus House Baltimore.

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Ushers meet, greet, and seat parishioners as they enter the Sanctuary and direct foot traffic in and around the sanctuary.

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The JHB Greeters provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to all members and guests of JHB by extending loving gestures of hospitality to all. They greet guests worshipping with us at JHB, distribute JHB literature, and assist visitors with registration information.

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Leader: Percy Irefin

Financial Legacy

Leader: TBD


Leader: Motunrayo Akinsanya

Men Soccer

Leaders: Shawn Chiambah & Deji Ojo

Open Baby Shower

Leader: Olubunmi Oyeleye

Real Estate

Leader: Shalynn Arasanmi

Women Soccer

Leaders: Edna Onward


Young Professional


Leader/Host: Femi Williams

United Maryland Baltimore County Life Group

UMBC Library

Leader/Host: Hawwa Salami


Leader/Host: Bala Abarshi

Towson University

Towson University Library

Leader/Host: Michael Alabi & Tammy Akinrelere

Baltimore 1

Leader/Host: Niyi Olunuga, Host: Eniola Olu-Ajayi

Baltimore 2

Leader/Host: Dolapo Adeoye, Host: The Abolarins



Leader/Host: Anthony Ogedegbe



Leader/Host: Precious Afolayan



Leader/Host: Agnes Ikotun

Ellicott City 1


Leader/Host: Babatunde Ajibade

Ellicott City 2


Leader/Host: Yemi Oyeleye, Co-Leader: Dayo Oyeleye



Leader/Host: Hawwa Salami

Forest Hill

Leader/Host: Doyin Famodu, Co-Leader: Joke Adeleye


Leader/Host: Jacintha Ofori, Co Leader: Edwardine Amege

Gwynn Oak 1


Leader/Host: Sade Kolade

Gwynn Oak 2


Leader/Host: David Morgan, Host: Mr. & Mrs. Fasehun

Hanover 1

Leader/Host: Sola Adekunle

Hanover 2

Leader/Host: Mrs. Funmilayo Adekunle

Laurel 1


Leader/Host:  Tayo Omolewa, Co-Leader: Olumide Olajide

Middle River 1


Leader/Host: Adeola Ogunbiyi

Middle River 2

Leader: Funke Ogunmoyero, Co-Leader: Dolapo Ogunmoyero

Owings Mills 1


Leader/Host: Akinyele Akinyemi

Owings Mills 2


Leader:  Bayo Togun, Host: Funke Adeyooye

Owings Mills 3

Leader/Host: Charles & Rose Odametey

Pikesville 1


Leader/Host: Kike Akinyemi

Pikesville 2

Leader/Host: Julie Oladimeji

Randallstown 1

Leader/Host: Bola Kehinde

Randallstown 2

Leader/Host: Gloria Nwanna



Leaders/Host: Samuel & Christy Egiefameh

Silver Spring

Leader/Host: Abiola Babalola

Windsor Mill 1


Leader/Host: Bola Olugboja

Windsor Mill 2


Leader: Damilola Olaku, Host: Xavier Norwood

Windsor Mill 3


Leader: Ronke Sofowote, Host: Onome Agbede

Windsor Mill 4

Leader: Uloma Philips, Hosts: The Tegbes

Windsor Mill 5

Leaders/Host: The Oriakporie Family

Windsor Mill 6


Leaders/Host: The Adediran Family

Woodstock 1

Leader/Host: Sola Sobowale