RUBIES is a mentoring program where teenage, single, young, and married women are mentored by experienced Jewels through group and individual events, such as life coaching, small groups, and one on one mentoring.

Role of a Mentor
A mentor is someone who teaches, guides, or gives advice to a less experienced person. A mentor supports, assists, and establishes a valuable relationship with the mentee.

Process for Matching Mentors and Mentees
To request a mentor, the mentee completes a mentee interest form and provides the following details.

    • First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Age
    • Career
    • Type of Mentor: Self-selected or Rubies leadership Assigned
    • Areas where help is required: Academic, Career, Spiritual, Choosing the right mate for marriage, marriage excellence, Relationship and People Skills, Navigating Opportunities etc.


Mentoring Attributes

Trust and Confidentiality

A bond of trust is required between the Mentor and Mentee from the onset of the relationship. Personal information must be kept confidential except when there is an agreement to share the information for specific purposes. Maintaining confidentiality is one of the ways that you demonstrate respect for your mentee and reinforce your position as a mentor. It is important to understand the difference between breaking confidentiality and seeking the benefit of appropriate consultation. Confidential information MUST NOT BE SHARED with friends, other mentors, family, or other third parties except permission is given by the mentee or mentor.


Being an Effective Mentor

    • Give your mentee undivided attention as you listen. Demonstrate interest, helpful intent. Be patient when listening.
    • Be positive and be sensitive to the needs of the mentee.
    • Follow up on your mentee periodically to determine your mentee’s progress.
    • Challenge, motivate, inspire, and encourage.
    • Provide feedback to the mentee as appropriate.


Being an Effective Mentee

    • To sustain the mentoring relationship, take the initiative to ask your mentor questions.
    • Honor your commitments. Your mentor probably has a very demanding schedule and other commitments, so be appreciative of your mentor’s time and investment.
    • Respond in a timely manner to your mentor’s questions and comments. If you don’t have the time to respond at length, send a short message letting this person know you will be in contact when you have the opportunity.
      Help Your Mentor Help You. Tell your mentor how she can be most helpful to you.
    • Expect Support, Not Miracles. You can expect a certain level of support and advice from a mentor, but she can’t solve your problems for you. Perhaps the most valuable quality a mentor can offer is an alternative point of view. A mentor can put the situation in perspective, offer feedback, serve as a sounding board, and identify others whose brain you might pick or activities you can engage in or small ways you can meet your goals as well as resources that may be helpful to you.
    • Communicate clearly. Initiate contact with your mentor if you have questions or would like to discuss something. Identify your needs and communicate them as clearly as possible to your mentor.
    • It may be helpful to put some focused energy into organizing your thoughts and concerns before talking to your mentor, so that the time is spent wisely.
    • Be Teachable. Be willing to learn new things, obtain another perspective, and be responsive to suggestions and constructive criticism.
    • Follow Through. When you decide to act on your mentor’s suggestions, act in a timely manner and then report back to her.
    • Be a good listener. It is your mentor’s job to give you honest feedback and advice, some of which will be positive and some of which will be constructive. Rather than ignoring your mentor’s criticism or constructive feedback, or letting it make you feel bad, listen to what your mentor has to say and consider how you can use that information to improve yourself. Regardless of whether you choose to take your mentor’s advice, listening to what your mentor has to share with you is important.
    • Be ready to work on the relationship. Good relationships don’t just happen; they take work. This applies to relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and your mentor. It takes time and effort to get to know each other and build trust. Establishing and maintaining trust is essential to a good mentoring relationship.


Yearly Activities 

We have a few events throughout the course of the year which are listed below. We fulfill our vision through these events.

    • First Rubies check in: This is the first check in for the year and takes place in February. The Rubies also organize out of campus activities for team and skill building, personal development, such as Walking, Sip & Paint, Meeting up for brunch, Potlucks and Picnics.
    • To facilitate communication, the Rubies maintain a WhatsApp group. In addition, emails are sent to the team members. Phone calls are made whenever possible.
    • Second Rubies check in: This is the second check in for the year and it is usually in June.

For more information, please email –



Leader: Percy Irefin

Financial Legacy

Leader: TBD


Leader: Motunrayo Akinsanya

Men Soccer

Leaders: Shawn Chiambah & Deji Ojo

Open Baby Shower

Leader: Olubunmi Oyeleye

Real Estate

Leader: Shalynn Arasanmi

Women Soccer

Leaders: Edna Onward


Young Professional


Leader/Host: Femi Williams

United Maryland Baltimore County Life Group

UMBC Library

Leader/Host: Hawwa Salami


Leader/Host: Bala Abarshi

Towson University

Towson University Library

Leader/Host: Michael Alabi & Tammy Akinrelere

Baltimore 1

Leader/Host: Niyi Olunuga, Host: Eniola Olu-Ajayi

Baltimore 2

Leader/Host: Dolapo Adeoye, Host: The Abolarins



Leader/Host: Anthony Ogedegbe



Leader/Host: Precious Afolayan



Leader/Host: Agnes Ikotun

Ellicott City 1


Leader/Host: Babatunde Ajibade

Ellicott City 2


Leader/Host: Yemi Oyeleye, Co-Leader: Dayo Oyeleye



Leader/Host: Hawwa Salami

Forest Hill

Leader/Host: Doyin Famodu, Co-Leader: Joke Adeleye


Leader/Host: Jacintha Ofori, Co Leader: Edwardine Amege

Gwynn Oak 1


Leader/Host: Sade Kolade

Gwynn Oak 2


Leader/Host: David Morgan, Host: Mr. & Mrs. Fasehun

Hanover 1

Leader/Host: Sola Adekunle

Hanover 2

Leader/Host: Mrs. Funmilayo Adekunle

Laurel 1


Leader/Host:  Tayo Omolewa, Co-Leader: Olumide Olajide

Middle River 1


Leader/Host: Adeola Ogunbiyi

Middle River 2

Leader: Funke Ogunmoyero, Co-Leader: Dolapo Ogunmoyero

Owings Mills 1


Leader/Host: Akinyele Akinyemi

Owings Mills 2


Leader:  Bayo Togun, Host: Funke Adeyooye

Owings Mills 3

Leader/Host: Charles & Rose Odametey

Pikesville 1


Leader/Host: Kike Akinyemi

Pikesville 2

Leader/Host: Julie Oladimeji

Randallstown 1

Leader/Host: Bola Kehinde

Randallstown 2

Leader/Host: Gloria Nwanna



Leaders/Host: Samuel & Christy Egiefameh

Silver Spring

Leader/Host: Abiola Babalola

Windsor Mill 1


Leader/Host: Bola Olugboja

Windsor Mill 2


Leader: Damilola Olaku, Host: Xavier Norwood

Windsor Mill 3


Leader: Ronke Sofowote, Host: Onome Agbede

Windsor Mill 4

Leader: Uloma Philips, Hosts: The Tegbes

Windsor Mill 5

Leaders/Host: The Oriakporie Family

Windsor Mill 6


Leaders/Host: The Adediran Family

Woodstock 1

Leader/Host: Sola Sobowale